Braiding Hair

braiding hair

I got to sit behind her in three classes my freshman year. And because of our names, I got to sit IMMEDIATELY behind her.


It was unlikely that anyone would ever come between us - well, at least no other desk would be filled in that short distance.

When she laughed, her heavy copper hair would brush across my books, flirting with each page. She always looked back with that sweet smile and apologized. I didn't mind. I loved it. It felt as if she was brushing her finger across my cheek, or leaning into me in love.

I pretended like I cared.

"Kara, that mop of yours is gonna be the death of me." I'd wink to let her know I didn't mind, but used every opportunity to tease and talk.

"I know, Bruce! It IS a mop, isn't it? I should just hand you some scissors and let you have your way with me!"

I'd sooner cut my eye out before letting any harm come to a strand of those luscious locks. "I won't cut it, but I might have to tame it."

She crinkled her cute little nose, biting her lip in anticipation of this little game that we would play for the next few moments. "Oh really? How would you tame something as rebellious as these fiery strands!?"

"Tie them up in knots, of course."

Her eyes opened wide for a second, before realizing that no matter what I did, she'd enjoy it. Scooping up the burden of tresses, she laid them into my open palms, and turned back to face the teacher. "Do your worst!" she commanded.

My hands raked through her hair, sending shivers up my spine. Her little quiver assured me that I wasn't the only one deriving pleasure from this secret contact. Using the skills my grandmother had passed down, while braiding the long ends of the garlic shoots - I twisted and turned, tantalized and teased her hair into long braid after long braid.

I could have just quickly tied the whole thing in 30 seconds, but where was the fun in that? The longer I got to play with her hair, the better.

By the time the bell rang, she was fitted with braids of all sizes. Her cheeks were the the loveliest shade of ripe apple. It was all I could to resist taking a nibble.

Flipping her braids over her shoulder, she grabbed her bookbag and followed the sound of the bell to her next class. "Thanks, I'll never take them out."

"But then I'll never get to braid them again."

Right before she entered the current of classmates in the hall, I noticed her hand slip into one of the braids and start to unravel. I smiled, counting down the minutes to the last class of the day where Simpson would be sitting in front of Sims again.

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IMAGE by Midjourney and me. It only took me about 20 minutes to get this image perfected.... but once I did - I knew she was the one! Doesn't she just remind you of young love?!?! hehehe

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