Our world need you and I

Good morning great people of hive, I woke up this morning with our world in my mine, seeing how things are falling apart , only you and I can bring change to that corruption.

How can change take place in the world? It must start from you and I
All over the world, everyone is talking about change, some are even asking when will our government change for good, when are we going to have good leaders, but we have forgotten that even in that small position we are holding we have not brought change there, rather cheating is the Order way around, what of that business, you are into, are you a police man for how long will you continue collecting that bribe or you as a full house wife, for how long will you keep cheating your husband all in the name of getting money for your personal need.

Each and everyone of us has a position we are occupying
how are we handling that office, are we cussing change there? Hmmm if we need change it must start from us before we look up to those in higher authority.

Something happened in my community, the school that was there is for Catholic missionarys, so the put some Members in Charge, but do you know that some have gotten were they will be eaten, the school has been there for years but has not been growing because some has turned it to be there own investment property, and when the found out what has been going on, their response was something else, that people are jealous of them that is why the want to remove food from there mouth, tell me and we expect change, how? If we have not change nothing will change.

let's Not allowed little enjoyment of today, destroy the future of our children generation because anything that is not your sweat, you have not suffered for it, for me, one is bringing generational curse to him or herself and her generation.

It's better to get little but in a good way than have it in abundant in a corrupt way.
Thanks for reading my post and have a lovely weekend.

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