Sinner Part 5 [EN]

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However, he could not prevent the young women from creating images of him in their minds and fantasizing when they went home; especially when the muscles under his shirt hardened with each movement he made.

“I will be teaching you about the History of the Middle Ages this semester,” Professor Angelis Clime said, turning to face the class.
“Aren’t you a little too young to be a professor?” called a girl who sat in the first row. She licked her lips slowly as she eyed him.

Angelis Clime didn’t even shoot a glance at her in response.
“You can teach me whatever you want!” Jen had obviously not planned to say this because her face turned red and she slapped a hand over her mouth as soon as the words left her lips. Everyone, including the new professor turned to look at her.

If it had been Cat, she would have wanted to sink so deep into the ground that even the bugs could not see her, but Jen kept talking, even under Clime’s overwhelming gaze. That’s how Jen was: fueled by emotions and drama, all forward momentum. Her default state was not to sit silently, but to speak her mind.

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“Will you give private lessons?” Jen asked.
The most seductive smile appeared on Angelis Clime’s face, even though further seduction was not necessary for the women in the room.
“I’m glad to see young, curious and hardworking students like you, Miss …”

“Sutherland,” Jen answered, causing the girls sitting on the rows behind to glare jealously.
“As I was going to say before Miss Sutherland interrupted me so politely…” Professor Clime began, and Jen sank into her chair in embarrassment. Only her blond curls were visible from the lectern. “I’ll give private lessons every Monday and Thursday in my office on the third floor. Now, please open your textbooks to page six and follow along.”

The girls did so. Of course they did. Their master had spoken.
Some of the boys grumbled a bit, but ultimately complied.
Angelis started reading, “The Inquisition occurred in the first half of the twelfth century at the behest of the Catholic Church. It was one of the bloodiest periods in history. Undertaken to fight heretics, the following years marked the beginning of the Spanish and French inquisitions. It was at around this time that Janna-Dark, the first woman accused of witchcraft, was killed. While the church tried to eliminate widespread beliefs in the supernatural, folklore concerning the subject prevailed, only serving to heighten the interest of the public.”

Professor Clime lowered the book and gazed out into the crowd of enraptured women and disgruntled men. “Today, we will begin with the study of the Spanish Inquisition and then reach out to the later periods of history.”

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Alison watched as Cat got in a car and drove away, lost in the afternoon traffic. Painful memories rushed in and tears flowed down her cheeks. Even after the car had dwindled to invisibility in the distance, she remained, watching the spot where her daughter had just stood.

She could still feel the slight weight of her tiny, defenseless body when the doctor had first placed her daughter in her hands. After all these years, she could still remember what the doctor had said.
Congratulations, it’s a girl.

A man walked past her, speaking fiercely over his cellphone and gazing at her judgmentally.
Alison wore a ragged coat she had stolen from a homeless man after escaping from the mental facility.

She was attracting unnecessary attention.
Right at this moment, they were waiting for her little girl. Hiding in the shadows behind the ordinary human life, ready to strike at any second and siphon off her vital force. Perhaps it had been a mistake to watch her so closely.
But she needed to see Catherine.

Alison wrapped her head in a beige scarf, concealing her face as she noticed more passersby looking at her.
She slowly turned her head left, then right, carefully checking in both directions from the head of the alley to the back, making sure that nobody from The Order was present, before turning to head down the street.

Suddenly, a stream of ice flowed over her and she froze. She tried to move but had no control over her body. Before she could think of a counter-spell, two men in long black robes appeared from the corner of the building. The humans around didn't seem to notice them.
One of the men drew back his hand, fingers balled into a fist, and struck Alison’s face. Because of the icy spell, she didn't feel pain.
But pain was coming. She knew it for a fact.

Let our children not grow up in a terrible world. Together we can make it better. It is our destiny to
suffer from the past, to long for the future, but to forget the present.
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