Day 1683: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: pollution


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Continuation from past entries

Derek said, confused, “A star fell?”
The doctor nodded, “Just as in the legends. That's where all the pollution comes from, in the eastern lands. Did you not see it?”
“No,” Derek stood, a shudder of excitement and hope running through his body. “It can heal?”
“So it is rumored. I do not know how truthful the rumors are, but people have been traveling days to see the star, to take a piece of it with them. It is about a three day's ride from here. You will need a horse.”
Derek rose to his feet. “I can get a horse.” He was ready to go, and turned to go inside to gather some things for the trip. He said turning back to the doctor, “Thank you doctor, we will leave right away and head for the star.”
“We?” The doctor made a gasp of fright, “Oh, Derek, you cannot take her. Your wife would never make the trip. She is too weak.”

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