Day 1675: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: dangerous territory

A young boy was sitting outside under a tree peeling an orange. He dug his nail slowly into the orange's soft outer shell and began pulling the skin away. In the summer, he would sneak his way outside and find a nice place to sleep for the night. Inside, in the kitchens, it got hot and humid and there was nothing like sleeping outside with the birds and bees and a nice breeze. The boy was sitting and enjoying the cool night when he began to notice the frogs slowly bringing their croaking to an end.
The boy stood and stepped out from under the tree.
Something was certainly off it felt like dangerous territory. It wasn't just that the frogs had stopped croaking. The birds had also stopped chirping and even the crickets had stopped clicking. He looked around, but the night was too dark to see much of anything. He looked into the cloudless sky and found himself stunned in awe. A giant blue dot was streaking across the sky, dropping fast towards the horizon and growing quickly in size.

First time, I hope you like it. Thank you @mariannewest, hope I'm not late.

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