Proud Mary | Weekend Freewrite Using 6 Prompts

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It was on a rainy season when my daughter got a letter from the King requesting for her presence before the King.
She was so excited on getting the letter, planned on moving away from the house if her request to serve in the palace should be granted.
I was so vexed within me on seeing my only daughter moving far away from me to the king's palace where she's expecting to live the good life.
As her mother, I tried to point out her roles in the palace and how enslaved she would be on getting to the palace, but her eyes seemed closed to seeing the fee points and illustrations that I've made.
The next morning, she went to the palace to honor her invitation letter from the King. On the basis of what she told me, the King accepted her request to serve as a palace cook.
I joined her in the celebration, knowing fully well that I was never happy with the recent development.
The next day, she went to the beauty shop to get herself ready for the job.
When she came back from the beautification, I noticed that my own daughter had fixed long fingernails painted her face with an oily tea leaves.
Oh my goodness!
What have I done to my generation?!
I was just carrying a bowl full of water on my head while she walked around like a flamingo, calling it a cat walk. I asked my own daughter the more reason why she should ignorantly behave the way she's behaving, but her pride was over the roof, covering her level of understanding while she looks at me like an educated fool.
The morning came when she's to move over to the palace, I was stationed in front of the balcony like a statue, observing the whole baggages moving back and forth.
The King's servants came with a car, requested for the excited girl and she popped out like a popcorn stuffed in a straw.
She first entered the car without a single word to me, but the king's servant ordered her to honor my presence in her life.
It was so strange for her to come out of the car in order to complete her first task as the king's servant.
At that moment, I cried within me so bad, looked at my daughter and mourned for a loss which took place before me.
After the quick "bye Mom", I went my way because it was a laundry day and I have lots to wash.
Till date, my own daughter has never called nor replied my letters.
What have I done to deserve this?

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