You Can’t Find Art, Art Finds You! - Blockchain Coffee “Found Art”


Never really thought of myself as a creative person prior to starting this online thing...

I played base guitar in school, a couple lessons from my brother and I was on my way. I tend to pickup things like that naturally or not at all. Did not do well in the class room environment and that was the end of my creative days or so I thought...

After I dropped out of band I was put into metal working and art. Not a natural at metal working but I found art to be something I can do but lack the passion to do. Crafts hold my attention but painting a masterpiece does not. I would be a realism painter if anything, my best painting was of a stapler. I still do not understand what the teacher thought was so marvellous about it... after that year of art in school I lost all interest in drawing which prior I was a prolific doodler.

Never would have thought writing would be the aspect to draw creativity out of me. Can’t think of how I would want to paint that stapler now without first writing about it. Still haven’t doodled in well over 15 years but in this day and age the interest in doodling has evolved into image manipulation. Taking pictures and making them into something more then just a thing in frame seems to be a creative insight I have almost no control of, happens when it happens.

Trying to think of where to take this prompt as I write and the only thing that keeps screaming in my head is...

You Can’t Find Art, Art Finds You!

Do you ever sit and wonder where your preferences come from? Something as simple as the title for this post I find myself wondering, why did I choose that? Lol forever wondering and all I need is myself to do so 😅

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