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Often when out in the world I get the sense others perceive me as a threat. I do know that my face is one of those resting "bitch faces" but it is more then just that. People often look at me as if I am a bear out of place walking through the urban jungle…




Hiding for Acceptance



Who are you @D00k13?

Who are you really?

What do others perceive of you?

Why is this perception consistent?

Where does this perception originate from?

The thoughts of a mind trying to understand why it is something as simple as covering my face with a mask will completely change that otherwise consistent perception. First impressions play a huge role in this with any encounter being a further reflection of previous situations influencing outcomes forever afterwards. Is it simply that the mask breaks that association?

When I say that I am looked at "as if I am a bear out of place walking through the urban jungle" I am not exaggerating much. I have always drawn eyes even when trying to hide always standing out against whatever crowd I am surrounded by. I knew this as a dealer and used it to my advantage being able to stand out helps get sales. You would think this would also draw the wrong eyes but by knowing I could not hide I instead took necessary precautions which gave me confidence to interact thus nobody bothered to look closer(for the most part).

You may be wondering why I mention my background. I feel as if my discomfort within the urban jungle is what causes the perceptions of me to be biased in general. Not just my looks or my tone but you know how when you see someone and get that off feeling by how they move, that is me for others. Somehow putting the mask on eliminates the situation, I still get looks but not the same looks. The looks I refer to predate anything COVID though the solution comes from a mask forced upon me by the situation.



Thinking about it deeper, something as simple as hiding my face possibly gives me a sense of confidence though…


I Was Not Aware of It



Day 1042: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: bear



Just For You @MarianneWest

Shots of Mel's production lines stunning results below, all ladies material for that batch.Then above a few shots of the male designs, I believe next she will be doing a bunch of black and some camo. In 8 hours she was able to do 18 mask till that point, needing the nose and ear attachments still but at any rate it is much quicker having a good cutting wheel and effectively doing a mini production line.


Click On Images For Full Detail View


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