What is a ball winder?

What is a ball winder?

Today I come to talk to you about something very funny and it is that due to the initiative to write five minutes of the free writers of @mariannewest in which I participate daily, because it enriches me, it seems very healthy in addition to being entertaining, the proposal of the word for today is ball winder. Is a word or a word that I completely do not know, and that when thinking about these words, at the moment I imagined a series of very funny things!, because a ball winder I imagined that was like a kind of a machine that throws balls, that is, I made directly an association between the word a ball which means ball, and winder as a derivative of the word wind, so in my mind it was associated as a ball thrower, an artifact that can be easily used for a sport like baseball, I also associated it with an instrument to make food, a kind of machine similar to the machine with which ice creams are extracted from the container, you know that machine that forms ice cream balls, it occurred to me that it could be something of this type, and well within my curiosity.

I could not stay writing about a subject that I do not know, if you are an author or a writer like me, you know very well that to write about a topic you have to investigate it, then immediately I went to my best friend the assistant google on my phone and I immediately asked him to tell me what this is about a ball winder, and then he took me out of the doubt. He told me that it was or that it is a ball winder of balls, that is a device that is used to wrap yarn and materials in the shape of a ball, and that allows these yarns in the shape of a ball to be used to be able to weave and make a hook, which makes a lot of sense because I imagine that our friend Marianne is dedicated to weaving in her free hours.

Then it is very curious because look at how interesting it is to think, that it was one thing or two things and this whole idea is transformed into a different thing, it can also be that since my mind is very creative and it flies everywhere when it obtains or focuses on a word then I give it this type of meaning. And well my mind flew with the ball winder to other levels and immediately I began to imagine the story of a lady who was on the porch or front of her house, sitting on one of those masonry chairs weaving and in front of her all, a great corn plantation because for some reason my mind or my associated imagination of weaving with yarn, for people in the field people of the third age in the field living their lives, resting and weaving or will it be that it is my projection of what a happy life is.

I hope you have enjoyed this publication of the five minutes daily of free writing and thank you very much for getting here.

Give me your feedback and always make good content my friend.

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