Rest her soul in a dry tree

Rest her soul in a dry tree

A dry tree stands still, its soul at rest,
A gentle reminder of life's test.
A symbol of solace, a place to dream,
A reminder that in death, life still can be seen.

Though branches are barren and leaves are no more,
This tree still soaks in the day's sunlight and stores.
The peace that comes with the sun's golden light,
A resting place for a soul so bright.

A place for the broken, the sorrowful and sad,
A tree that can bear all life has had.
A place of hope and a place of peace,
The dry tree is a moment's solace, at least.

Rest her soul in a dry tree,
Where she can leave her worries be.
For time can heal and time can mend,
The dry tree will be her trusted friend.

Lost in the darkness, my thoughts they roam
Unable to break free from this empty void
I'm stuck in a prison of my own making
Seeking a way to break free and move on

I search for a light that can lead me
Out of this prison of emptiness
But the more I search the more difficult
It becomes to find a way out

The walls close in and I feel overwhelmed
Drowning in despair, I can't find the door
In desperation I cry out, searching for an answer
But the only sound that echoes back is my own voice

Hope begins to spark as I remember
That even in life's darkest moments
There is always a light at the end of the tunnel
And with courage and determination I can reach it?

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