How they found work? O.O

How they found work?

Imagining myself or thinking about how they find work, referring to those people who are daily the struggle to get support, reminds me of the times when I was younger and dedicated to looking for work.

In those times I remember very well that I used to look in the press, there was in those days the press still on paper,and I looked in the section of classified ads, ads that had to do with what I was looking for, that I liked, that was computer science, something like data transcription, something like taking care of being a computer operator, and so I was finding opportunities, until one day I found an ad to work in an editorial, doing different jobs on a computer, which was to make a nomination, enter data from the invoices of the purchases of different merchandise such as books, novels, encyclopedias, that were sold in the editorial, and the editorial had a bookstore next door, and I was in charge of passing all those invoices to the computer to carry an inventory.

My search was quite hard, I remember that I was around six months trying to find a type of work, the difficulties I found were that I did not have income, I did not have money to be able to get the copies, to be able to print the vital curriculum with all the work information, and above all to be able to pay for the transport that I had to pay to go deposit the different vital curriculums, and fill the employment plans in the different places, so this consumed my money, it was money because while I was on the street, I had to pay for the transport ticket and I had to also pay for the food and the drinks that I drank when I was on the street, because being walking and then all the sun and waiting causes hunger and thirst and you have to drink from time to time a malt or a juice and it is money that is invested, this leads me to think about how today people find work in different areas and how they have done it through the different eras, how they were looking for work for example in the year 1920 when they faced the First World War, the greatest amount of work was in the factories and how different it is now in this technological era where everything that has to do with technology and social networks, have changed the labor market, where you can find work now as a social network manager or administrator of a company or a brand, or even a celebrity, how can you find work doing web pages or managing web pages of different companies or staff or simply a blog. So today the way to look for work is also done directly online from your home, you go and look for one of these specialized searchers that index the different jobs and deposit your CV there, and you get offers for work, so it is interesting how all this has changed over time, and it is also very interesting the aspect of the positive mentality that you have to have, to look for this type of work or a specialized type of work and the importance it has to stay optimistic until you can get the job option or until that job option that is correct for each one materializes.

So I think it is very important that people continue in their search for work
until they get something that they like to do, and that makes them happy.

And this is what I have to say about today's topic of the 5 minutes of writing.

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