A future Business - Terror & Creepy writing (fiction)

A future business

This is the story of Jimmy, the cook who had the business of the future.

Jimmy came from a tradition in which his parents, his grandfather, his cousins, and his brothers were all dedicated to the business of the butcher shop.

The world of meat was how his family earned their living since medieval times.

From the age of seven Jimmy began to assist his father in the work at the butcher shop.

In the beginning, you had to learn everything that had to do with cleaning, making, and the different tools that were used to cut the meat, the different types of knives, and the different types of cuts that had to be made. But first, he began to learn to keep the place clean, the work area, so his work was focused on cleaning the whole area, passing the Colette, putting detergent at the end of the day when they closed the place.

And so he grew up and learned more and more until his father allowed him to start working in the butcher shop, taking care of people and making meat cuts for all. People carried sheep, even foxes that sometimes hunted rabbits and he was in charge of chopping them.

The years passed, the father died, the brothers separated, they got married, they did their day elsewhere and the business was lost because it had to be mortgaged due to an economic crisis that the family.

Jimmy was forced to get rid of the business.

Years later, very in the future, he started a business again because the times were different and the world had advanced too much, they had reached the future and Jimmy was living on another planet, the human race had reached another level.

Outside Planet Earth there were more lives, there were more planets, they had been discovered and Jimmy had the opportunity to go and live with one of them.

And the business he set up was his future business. He set up a butcher shop, but a butcher shop for people, where the bodies that were discarded from the mortgages, the people who were homeless, all those who did not serve were recycled and sent to Jimmy's butcher shop, to separate the skin from their bodies, to separate the hair from their bodies and to separate the bone from the meat and the meat on the other side.

And this had become a whole business because Jimmy traded blood, he traded ground bones, he traded brains that were used to make experiments and different things on this new planet.

And now Jimmy had the future business.

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