A picture is worth a thousand words

After Sunday mass, Misha and her husband took the children to the park, one of the children insisted on riding a bicycle, the others were on the other side of the park playing football, Misha and her husband were sitting at the middle of the children with a bottle of Malt Guinness.

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Misha and her husband started their kind of play, her husband hold her so close, he remembered how he met her, the weather on that day and the way Misha ignore him but he kept insisting on talking to her, then she give him her attention.

They laughed together and held hands, sipping the contents of their drinks, Misha realised that all the children in the playground were coming to see his last son. He was alone on the mouldy bike, but his attitudes attracted the attention of the other children in the playground.

Each of the children's approached him and insisted on joining his game, he gratefully allowed them to join him, and he was happy because other children wanted to make friends with him.

His brothers also joined his game, and all the children in the playground rode bicycles one after another.

There were only two such bicycles in the playground, the director found that children love to ride a mouldy bicycle, he planted more of the bicycle in the playground, so that when next children go there, it would be enough for the children.

Misha's last son was given an award on that day, it was informed of a gift, as a boy who discovered the playground needs so many mouldy bicycle.

And not all, his name was registered as a free customer for a year, when next they visit the playground, his parents can pay for what they buy for themselves and his brothers but his was free for a period of one year.

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