The benefit or charity ?


Our word changed a lot. Usually people who had a hard life don't know how to act with those who are living ok. They think that doing good things to others will help them back in the future and they call that karma. But, the karma may work only for the person who is doing good things and we don't have to expect it from those we helped.

For example I helped a lot of people in my life including people in steem and hive. They asked me about how things working here. I shared with them my ideas and everything I know. Now they are posting and earning all the time and they don't even comment or upvote me. But there are people who saw me helping others and they are supporting me now. So, if you are not getting gratitude from those who helped, you may get it from others.

Of course when you see those you helped doing nothing, it may hurts. But it seems worth it to get good things in return from others. So, try to not worry about that and keep doing good things to others to get even better things in return !

It's not always related to money or relationship or things you wanted in return. It maybe any good situation in life you get. Maybe even being saved from an
accident or just surviving.

It's not always working of course. But, it's sure that the more good you do, the more you get in return. This is my experience !