Announcement from a CreativeCoin investor


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A note about my CreativeCoin stake

This month, I'm purchasing and powering up a big chunk of CCC, around 600 Hive worth. You can see my purchase order on Hive-Engine; right now it stands at .002 Hive.

My goal is to make myself a CCC whale, so that I can distribute a decent-sized upvote to the people I curate. And, if you're reading this through the Freewriters Community, there's a good chance I'm voting on your posts, so be sure to remember to add the #creativecoin tag to your photography, fiction, and poetry posts in order to get the full benefit.

Along with giving the people I follow a nice upvote, I also just love the idea of a token dedicated to the creative arts. By investing a big chunk and encouraging use of the tag for wider distribution, I hope to contribute to the viability (i.e., boost the price!) of the token.

Another avenue that could boost the price of the token, is the new, defi investment opportunity for CreativeCoin. You can now delegate CCC to @brofi and receive a daily payout of the BRO investment token, which in turn pays a daily dividend in Hive-Engine tokens. (Check out this announcement post to get started with brofi.) So it is now possible to use CCC to generate a passive income!

How freaking awesome is that?

I'm loving it!


A few hours after publishing this post, @whatsup came along, posted a supportive comment, and delegated 10,000 CCC to my account.

Yes! That's a great boost to my upvote while I finish filling my buy order!

Thank you @whatsup.

Remember to use #creativecoin!

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