The Red Melancholia! [Original Short Story]

The Red Melancholia!

The red-haired girl was always alone, without a lover and without anyone to talk to except for the moon.

A girl, who once romantically involved with a man, has her heart broken when he leaves her.

She becomes deeply depressed and suicidal and begins to hear voices in her head, telling her that the only way to release all of the tortured emotions is to kill herself.

She was in a fix. Nothing was usual to her.

The girl is caught in between life and death until she finds a lover next door to keep her away from the voices and make her feel alive.

And now, she is in love with the moon and often called him in the night, she just wanted someone to be there for her.

Finally when she got a boyfriend with dark hair, she thought it would be enough just having him by her side. But he left her soon after he found out about her depression.

She cried herself to sleep ever since then, but one day, she decided that this is not going to happen anymore. Does she need to live with this deep melancholia.

She got together all her courage and looked at the moon that night and said: "Don't worry I will find a way."

The End!

[The AI generated image is taken from midjourney]

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