Protect Your Energy


One of the major mistakes we humans make is neglecting the things that give us peace. Most times, we do this unconsciously. Either to fit in or to satisfy other people. We forget that we need to protect our energy at all cost. I mean, without it, we can't really give our best in anything. Without it, there's always something incomplete, like an unfinished business. The feeling of restlessness will continue to be there till we figure it out.

Energy here is your space. Your territory. You own it. It's yours to make sure it it's protected, and most importantly, healthy.

Look at animals for example. Some of them hunt in packs. They'll do anything to protect that space and each other. There are also those who are always by themselves. They need no one. Their space is equally important to them and they get agitated when someone interferes.

Bring it home to us. What are the things that give you peace of mind, the things that make you sleep peacefully at night? Protecting your energy here is shielding yourself from unnecessary pain and drama, the ones you have control over. Let me break it down a little more. Energy here is your mental health. Those little things that make you function. Those details that keep you on track.

It could be anything. It could also be a place. You might realise that working in a particular environment saps your energy and leaves you drained. The place you live in and the people around you might also push you to your breaking point every single time. It's like you are under water struggling while some force keeps pushing you down. It's one of the worse things that could happen to anyone.

The funny thing is that you may not even notice how bad it is till you take that step. Until you break free, you won't breathe easy. A lot of things are expected to be in place for us to live happily. But it's the little ones that matter the most. If we can aid that process, why not?

Protect your energy at all costs. There's nothing more valuable than having peace of mind.

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