Mariannewest five minutes freewriters with prompt 'time to get up'

Good day everyone and it's nice to have you again.

John a young man lived with his mom due to some certain reason. On a Monday John went to work. He worked at JC designers. At his work place John had a very stressful day. After work John went to church directly to attend evening prayers. The prayers lasted for about 3 hrs. John went home very tired. Reaching home, his mom had already prepared meal for him. John ate the meal and went off into his room. He took a shower and ready to sleep. About 15 minutes of him trying to get rest his phone rang. The call was from the office. His boss called saying he needed John to run a few documents for him before resting. John agreed and started he was done by 1:00am the following day. John had no option but to shut down his phone and try to sleep. Within 15 secs John doze off.

It's time to get up shouted Mrs Sarah. This was John's mother. John was so surprised because he closed his eyes few minutes ago and suddenly it morning. John stood up from bed had a morning shower. Ready for work said John with a food flask in his hand heading towards his car. At John work place, John didn't perform properly. He boss knew what he did and sent John hope to go have a good rest. John's co-workers were jealous because John was allowed to go home. John reached home and had a good rest. He woke up feeling his self again. John had to prepare dinner for his mom to get back from work and eat.

Thanks for viewing my post and I Hope to see you guys again.

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