The Lonely State : A Freewrite Poetry

In this world of constant day,
Where the sun never fades away,
I often feel so lost and grey,
Struggling to find a brighter way.

But then I remember deep inside,
That I have a light that cannot hide,
A spark that shines in darkest night,
Guiding me to what is right.

And so I rise and face the sun,
With every step I feel I've won,
Embracing all that I have done,
And finding joy in what's begun.

I am a light in this day world,
Brightening paths for others unfurled,
Showing love and grace unfurled,
A beacon shining for all to see.

So when you feel lost and afraid,
Remember you too can be a light,
Guiding others through the darkest night,
And bringing hope to all in sight.

For we are all here to shine,
Bringing brightness to every life,
Living every day with all our might,
Guiding others to a better life.

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