Memory Lane and Wishful Thinking - A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Word


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Looking at the picture above, I see two booths, a video booth and a phone booth. Although both booths serves the same purpose for communication, the mode at which communication is transmuted in each booth differs. While the video booth deals with visuals and voice, the phone booth deals with only voice and seem to be archaic. The video booth however seem to be the one with modernized facilities and command.

Looking at the phone booth and how it has grass growing on it, I feel people no longer use it, possibly because it got bad and replaced with the video booth or the introduction of the video booth caused the phone booth to be obsolete, as its human behavior to move with trend.

The image of the phone booth brings back a nostalgia feeling as it takes me down memory lane. I suddenly remember my childhood and the phonebooth we had in the neighborhood back then painted yellow and how I would often run down with a contact number of any of my parents relative written down on a piece of paper. I usually telephone my parents relative and relate with them whatever information my parents have to pass across and they in turn relate their replies to me of which I pass across to my parents.

My folks are not really one to move with trend so whatever new trend that comes, I am mandated to follow up for them especially when it involves public use. I would run down to the phone booth, meet lots of grown up there and wait my turn for the contact number or numbers I brought to be dialed. It was a really good business then ran by private individuals as not many people could own a cell phone at the time or afford airtime for calls.

Today, the story is different as communication has been made easy, accessible and cheap even to the less privileged. My folks can now place calls privately to their relatives at the comfort of their homes, which makes change the only thing that is constant.

I looked at the picture again to draw more inspiration for another story and noticed there's a foreign word (Reisezentrum) on the bigger booth after the video. The word doesn't seem to be of the English language so I looked it up on google and it happens to be German meaning a video travel center used to carry out railway travel services. It is a place where individuals can buy train ticket and get visual guides via the train time table displayed on the screen and possibly speak with the railway staff too.

You know about eight years ago the Railways in my country were revamped with the Train services working again. Although not all terminal works especially in the Southern part of the country still, it's a fun, easy and convenient way to travel as most federal roads are bad and almost not motorable. The operation of the train service started well but as time progresses some of the management deteriorated in their services as anyone could access the train even without buying ticket. While efforts are being made to get the train service to function optimally, considering this video booth in strategic places will be a welcome development and a project worth executing too.

Thank you for reading, your thoughts and contribution will be highly appreciated and that's it for my entry to the prompt A picture is worth a thousand word, pic #1000 contest hosted by @wakeupkitty

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