Years have gone by,
In the blink of a look,
Moments of mourning,
And joy flew by.

Individuals I cherished,
They've come and gone,
But it never stopped the planet,
And all of us carried on.

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Life has not been pleasant,
And there were those struggles,
Filled with times when it was necessary,
Times that I just didn't care about.

On my own, I stood,
And I find my way somehow,
Via some tears-filled nights,
And new days dawn.

And with old age now,
It has become quite obvious,
Stuff that I once considered important,
It wasn't about why I was here.

And what a lot of things,
Which I managed to purchase,
Which was never what made me,
It makes you feel better inside.

And the questions and the worries,
That has troubled me every day,
At the end of all that,
It would merely fade away.

But how far I've been reaching out,
Whenever possible, to others
The true calculation will be,
About how I succeeded.

And how much I've been sharing,
From my heart and my soul,
Ultimately, it would be,
The thing that set me apart.

And what's important, really,
My opinion is that of me,
Whether or not, and
I am the best that I can be.

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