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Aceh is surrounded by the Indonesian Ocean in the West-South region, the Malacca Strait, and Andaman waters in the North-East Aceh region. The area reaches 295 thousand km with a 2,666 km long coastline. This makes the Aceh marine a needle and thread for the welfare of its people.

The Aceh Sea is part of a route connecting various ocean basins in the tropics and plays an important role in the interaction system between sea and climate. The Aceh Sea is the center of the interests of international, national waters, and of course the Aceh region itself.

The scenery that is born in the Aceh Sea always ties its glimpsed eyes. The beach is a hidden paradise that has a special charm with its clear blue water and pure white sand. The Aceh Sea has international-class competitive capital if it is continuously preserved. The tracks are like Lhoknga beach, one of the beaches that are quite popular in Aceh.

The waves controlled by the Lhoknga beach are large enough so that this beach is the target of international surfers. Lhoknga Beach is a favorite spot for dusk lovers. So it's no wonder the more the sun goes down, the more tourists will be present.

In addition, Aceh is the largest producer of marine products in Sumatra. Domestic fishery product commodity traffic data during 2019 reached more than 14 thousand tons (BKIPM Aceh, Diky Agung Setiawan). Sea products such as tuna, skipjack, dances, tuna, sardines, flying fish, octopus, shrimp, lobster, and other reef fish are the prima donna of traditional fishing boats that will be presented to local and even foreign communities.

Unfortunately, the eminence owned by the sea in Aceh has not been made a priority in the observation system as a long-term investment to preserve the sea by the government. Limited human resources (HR) and technology complement the main problem of the non-priority of the marine observation system.

The negative activities carried out by the community are also part of the main problem, such as littering and damaging the marine ecosystem. It is estimated that around 80% of Indonesia's coral reefs will be threatened with the disappearance in the next 30 years due to climate change. In fact, coral reefs are an iconic reverberation of the sea.

Connectivity between regions

Connectivity between regions is a matter for Aceh to show off its beauty. The lack of inter-regional connectivity is the main problem of how the region can develop. The transportation system is very much needed in order to provide the accessibility of the desired activities so that it can run and develop. Infrastructure development in Aceh has not been going well, thus hampering all types of growth.

The Public Expenditure Analysis and Capacity Strengthening Program (PECAP) released the results of research on infrastructure in Aceh in 2011 that it turned out that many development plans were not in accordance with the needs and priorities of the community. The government should have looked at the priorities for allocating funds according to needs and considering the gaps in road facilities between regions. Most areas along the west coast have very low infrastructure systems. Aceh Barat has 22% of roads in good condition and has received a special autonomy fund for road construction and maintenance.

The hidden paradise that is owned is difficult to reach because it has not been fully utilized and the road accessibility is minimal so that tourists cannot reach the area. Human resources who have an education based on the potential for natural progress are needed for problems like this in order to develop the Aceh region and make this a high income for the region in the tourism sector.

Business Potential

The Aceh Sea has high business potential. How not, Aceh is the largest supplier of marine products in Sumatra to export to foreign countries. As explained by the Minister of Industry, "Our passion is to develop the processed industry in Aceh because this benefits the people of Aceh. The increased income can be enjoyed by fishermen, business actors, and various workers, as well as providing income for the region.

Industrial development in Aceh Sea products in an ongoing period which if and will be successful will have a positive impact on society in accordance with the statement of the Minister of Industry. Apart from seafood that can be consumed, Aceh Sea also has marine products that can be used as aesthetic ornaments made from shells.

Director-General of Small and Medium Industries (IKM) Euis Saedah said that his party would encourage the use of fish and marine products to increase added value. "Women in coastal areas can be nurtured and assisted in producing various handicrafts, for example, those made from shellfish," he said.

Forging Sustainability

Environmental losses for human behavior must be estimated. The first systematic analysis published in the journal Current Biology 2018 found that the extent of the oceans changed due to human behavior, leaving only 13% of what was left to be natural.

The bullying in marine ecosystems comes from bad chemicals (plastic pollution). Greenpeace estimates 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in the food bags of marine life each year. Often they die because of this dangerous thing. The government needs to solve this problem with laws protecting the environment and implementing a plastic diet so that the environment is not threatened.

Cooperation between communities to fortify the preservation of marine nature must be carried out starting from critical things, such as not littering, not throwing factory waste into the sea, not touching coral reefs when diving in the sea, studying the natural potential of our sea, and many others. "When we heal the earth, we will heal ourselves."

We live side by side with nature. When our realm is beautiful, we will also lead to it. The environment we choose will shape us. From now on, take care of the environment and preserve it because it is an advantage for ourselves. If not us, who else?

The desire to excel with all eminences controlled by the Acehnese maritime should be able to advance the development and growth of the Aceh region. Designing the Aceh Sea to master the level of international competitiveness and creating income from the business potential for the community. Of course, all these eminences must be fortified by the community's intention to keep on guarding in order to maintain Aceh's maritime superiority.

Anisa Sabila Nura, student of SMAS Sukma Bangsa Lhokseumawe. The favorite winner of the student category of the "Hope for Aceh Change" Article Writing Competition held by Malikussaleh University and supported by Mubadala Petroleum, Premier Oil, and SKK Migas.

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