We know enough

We know enough! We know enough! We know enough! The crowd kept shouting.
Honourable Benjamin was at a loose, he could not calm the crowd any longer. What started as a single voice of opposition from a listener has erupted into an uproar.

He was campaigning again for the post of the Governor of Evergreen State after having occupied the post for the past 4 years. His administration has wroth so much hardship and failed promises that the people became utterly miserable.And here he was again trying to retain the post.
Lies! All lies! That was the first words he heard and looking down from the podium he could see a young man probably in his early twenties punching the air and yelling the abominable words. You are done deceiving us. This time we know enough yelled the youth and the crowd picked up the phrase. We know enough!!!

Photo Source(https://pixabay.com/photos/riot-protest-street-crowd-laws-6129239/)

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