Off shore oil

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How long do we continue in this suffering? Ukoro asked. Our lands have been completed devastated! Our waters are seriously polluted! Our air is now poison and we are lacking access to virtually every social amenity that ever existed, yet our land gives out oil that coughs out trillions for the government and it elites, he pressed on.
You are right my brother, Akodu said. We have been cheated out of our livelihood and left to die even though the oil drill from our land is keeping the whole nation alive.
We have to do something and do it very fast, else we will soon cease to exist because this oil is begining to be a plague instead of blessing to us, Abrake said, with a tone of sadness and anger.
But before we move to the government, let's talk to our sons to stop vandalizing the pipelines so we won't increase the pollution of our remaining piece of land and water bodies. Then we will know how to tackle the government on the share of the money due to us from the oil gotten from our land and water, Barrister Ukpo told the elders.
They all agreed to call a meeting of the youth in two days time.
Off shore oil is bringing in billions for the country, i wonder why they government are living us to die in abject poverty, Ukoro said to the Barrister on their way home.
We will see what comes out of the next meeting, hopefully, all will go well, Barrister Ukpo said.

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