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"Its time to put in your skills and build your own business Mark, you can't keep on slaving for someone else and at the end, you may get kicked out", Betty said.
"I trust my boss betty, he surely won't turn me out anything time, and event if he won't be needing my service, he won't turn me out in sure a cruel way", Mark said smiling.
Hello Christy! Tell Mark to come up to my office immediately, Audrey barked into the receiver.
Seconds later, Mark walked into the office and still standing announced his presence to his Boss.
Your service is no longer needed, Audrey said. Submit all company's documents and gadgets in your possession before leaving the building, he added.
This must be a cruel joke or i guess am dreaming Mark thought.
That will be all Mr Mark, you may now leave.
Mark turned and headed slowly for the door, just before he shut it, Audrey's voice rang on after him, "And don't forget to turn over the car and also vacate the house, you have just 48 hours to do so".
Betty was right after all, Mark thought aloud. After giving almost a decade of my life to this company, i did not only get kicked out the door, i got kicked down the road!

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