A pic is worth a thousand words/ Old home coming

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I see a book with a hard paper back being covered in dust and cobwebs. It appears it has been neglected for a long period of time and has not been touched.

I feel the occupants of the house have left the place in ruin. It gives on that feeling of loneliness and neglect.

"Come on you old hedge hog! You are always slow when it comes to cleaning!" Pa Freddy shouted over to his brother May.
"You crazy buffalo! Pa May fired back. I never asked you to abandon your home in the first place. You chosed to be wayward cat!"
"I went out to work man, not on sight seeing you old cart!" Said Pa Freddy.
"Went out to work you say?" May asked laughing. The last time i saw you, you were babysitting a lady!"
"I was just squatting with her man, I had nowhere to stay then". Freddy said.
" You weren't squatting man, you were just being a cheap prostitute!" May fired.
"Am a man Moron! Men can't be prostitutes! Freddy barked.
" Well then, for once in your life, you are about to go into the history book as the first male to be a whore, even though you were a cheap one! May said.
They were back to their country home after 40 years out in town. They had spent a night and were searching for the old book were their father wrote all about the home. It was a pretty thick book with brown pages but most of it pages were blank as it contained only facts related to the farmhouse and nothing more.
"I think we will have to check the basement May" Pa Freddy said.
"After you, old whore! But this time i bet you can't run off!" May said laughing.

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