How Is Life Without Problems ?

What is life without burdens to face and how it grows in absence of it ?

It is necessary to think and have the mind to imagine the status we are free of the complexities, the trivial and petty grievances, problems that seem to bore us and our everyday living of the life. Such life would be level and plain - more of what it would be devoid of any tastes and feelings.

The reason to bring this point to this freewrite is - it is necessary to share the same wisdom, empirical learning learnt through odd experiences and gaining the summary of living by it.

I have talked to a seminar arranged by an educational chamber that hosted free speech about life's difficult problem and how can one recover from such psychological illness.

There are many of the people out here and there in the society who have been inflicted with many problems, some social and some psychological. Each of the own personal experience shows how life progresses through difficulties and own feelings and attitudes to react to that.

Coming across a shoulder injury I have seen a man to feel low at the whim of fate and be introvertive at the approach to socialize. Later he found out that to live for once, there should be hopes and dreams, the enjoyment and adding meaning to every action and state of living which would worth the values also.

Another thing is to start hating problems. It is common human character trait also that persists to a man until he grows wise to know that isnt right. Things start to move on and I also had the tendency to do, things and facts that didnt feel to align with my life and I used to turn those things away.

But sometimes am inspiring feeling start to arise from me, that life wont be lived fully or at least meaningfully without the touch of problems and escaping from them. It goes like that someone would have adjustment problems, we already do have that in life.

But the point is not trying to adjust in a good circumstance and moving aside from them, the pursuit to make another choice hampers our growth and in result of it we get too low.

Among those choices there is one more important choice to make- the best one and perhaps mostly suitable as solution, which is the choice to go through the genuine one and trying to find multiple solutions for it.

An appropriate solution.

It isnt anything magical, it is plain and naive that focuses on the journey to move on without empty hands. If poverty is a problem, then do get a job or a business, anything that would help you out to climb out of it.

If you are faced with relationship problems than find someone you trust and try to maintain a suitable alliance with your partner and carry on going until finding a good balance in life.

What I used to view is that, problems are one of the key teachers of life, because it helps us to grow and learn about life and enjoy little success coming out of solutions. In some way peace is there to grab on.

Life is properly balanced with it and if we can succeed going there we would also get the end results that would be positive and healthy for us also to carry on with life.

In the end, it all comes down to one single person to grab it and live forth with it.

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