Hello Boys: 5 Minute Freewrite


The first day in the high school still resounds in the mind of Kaylee. It was an experience he will never forget in a hurry. He dressed up early and rushed down to school on that fateful day.

All freshers were summoned in the boardroom and after the singiyof series of hymns the school Principal walked in. Hello boys!!! He echoed in a loud but croaky voice. That salutation still resonates in Kaylee's ears till date.

All the students stood at attention when the Principal saluted them in that rusty and croaky voice. The school is an all boys school anyway. The Principal started by introducing himself to the students. Thereafter, he proceeded to introduce the teachers starting from the three Vice Principals to the hall masters and then the Porter's and security men.

He emphasised so much on punctuality and discipline throughout his speech. Kaylee took in all he said and promised himself that he will be of good conduct throughout his studentship in the school.

Later, they were taken round the school. They visited the school hall, school labs (physics, chemistry, biology and introductory technology), the plant house, and finally the school farm. They were sternly warned never to harvest any fruits or animals therefrom without authorisation. Anybody that breaches this sacred rule will get himself expelled from the school.

After the tour of the school compound, the boys returned to the school refectory wherein they were served with food and drinks. And with that the orientation came to an end.

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