A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Guardian Angel.

I see a young girl in an open field, pointing towards the sky. Her action ignited lightening which resonated and illuminated the entire environment. I think she she possesses some supernatural powers which has been called to action.

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Whenever it becomes tough
It is only the tough that gets going
Whenever there is danger lurking around
It is always the warriors that comes to the rescue.

War has broken out
The entire neighbourhood stood in awe
Nobody dares to come out
Least he becomes a feast for the ravens

The old and young alike
Men, women and children
All have taken shelter
For fear of being slaughtered

In no distant time
The armies of the enemy arrived
All armed with sophisticated weapons
And surrounded the entire neighbourhood

Soon shouts of torture, turmoil and pestilence
Engulfed the entire sphere
Men, women and children
All ran amok

In the midst of the commotion
A certain old woman appears
She is the custodian of the gods
Of the entire neighbourhood

Girded with her old native apparel
With little or no fears on her face
She magnetically took to the centre of the town
In preparation to call on the gods of war

With a little cup of local gin
She beckons on the guardians of the land
To rise to the occasion
For their people are about to be exterminated

Pointing towards the skies
There was a loud rumbling
At first a ferocious thunder bellowed
And a powerful lightening accompanied same

In quick succession
The enemy armies became confounded
And the perilous people smite them to pieces
And the people were liberated


This is my entry for the #freewritehouse "A picture is worth a thousand words".

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