5 Minute Freewrite - Richest People

Richest People! Who can we say are really the richest. Is it the man that owns properties, I mean owning properties in choice areas or cities of this world? Drives the best cars money can buy or live in opulence? No. Such people may also be lacking in some areas of life such as in health. You see! They are poor in health but rich in the acquisition of physical properties. Rich in wealth, poor in health.

In the same way, some may be rich in health, that is, absence of terminal ailments or even common diseases. But they may be lacking in the acquisition of physical properties and the like. Thus, they are poor in wealth but rich in health.

Thus seen, one can safely say that nobody is the richest so to say. This is because we are all inhabitants of this imperfect world. There must be some deficiencies here and there. You cannot have it all. So while talking about richness, one has to approach it from the angle best suited to him. It is just like describing an elephant...from one's own view.

The concept is therefore relative to a person. That sums it all.

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