The tangled string of words of love

Complicated is perhaps the most ideal word to represent the expression of the tangled string of words of love. But this does not revolve around human love for the Creator, or the family such as between parents and their children, brothers, and sisters, or towards each other. I'm longing for the word love so I want to write something about love.

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The love that exists between two different human sexes, between men and women. So sorry, this will also not take sides or be included in the formation of same-sex love, because same-sex love is a disease that must be cured. If there are still people who say it is a personal right and freedom, for me clearly saying it is something that is against the rules and should immediately check the condition of people who have the disease, and also those who provide the same support should also need to be treated with common sense.

The tangled thread of the word love actually makes a headache but becomes beautiful to remember when it has been passed. Such is the meaning of the presence of conditions produced by love. Complicated, clumping-like threads that are spun without direction, entwining with each other. It's dizzy when you think about it and lives it, but somehow it's always beautiful and becomes an interesting storyline to live, remember, tell or listen to. Because bitter or sweet in the end, still gives the meaning of the word love.

Image by Thomas Wolter from Pixabay

Break up, jealousy, not being matched, unrequited, disapproved, and cheating, become a result of pain in the method of love. Unity, loving each other, being matched, loyal, and understanding each other, are things that everyone dreams of to live the word love. The positive and negative sides of love are always present flowing in its journey without knowing the time limit. Where and whenever, can stop by anyone. Such is love in its role, always carrying a tangled thread in the journey of the word love.

In sad or painful times when undergoing the love phase, there will be the word time to get up or maybe we hear the term time to move on more often. It looks funny for those who don't go through a period or phase of love, but for those who go through this, it's a big thing and not easy to do. Such is the condition of love, sometimes it turns the world upside down, even though if you use logic, however, the condition of the world, if it is reversed, is still the same because of its round shape. It will never make sense, a phenomenon of the presence of the meaning of love. Beautiful sprinkled with thousands of problems but still beautiful. And this is a moment that will always be missed from the word love, to be crazy for love.

I don't know what the meaning of human life is if there is no word for love, the word poet will definitely feel empty. If I say it is impossible for anyone to be able to become a human if there is no love. Because love can make people laugh in tears, angry in words of affection, and crazy when sane. Like honey, it has so many forms and benefits. Do you like honey?

Humans always long for the word love, every second that passes the hope of love is always present to be loved and loved. So don't be too naive and arrogant, hard-hearted, or say you don't need love. No matter how complicated the problems are caused by love, the reality is that it always gives beauty in the course of time that is passed with love. Because when love gives happiness, that's where the understanding of the word mind will get you.


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