Day 1979: 5 Minute Freewrite: Prompt: cave drawings

This is my entry for Day 1979: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: cave drawings

They were shocked to see the cave drawings in the cave that they just accidentally discovered and explored. all of that thanks to the recent hiking in the forest near their house.

And the dog that accompanies them along suddenly dashes into the bushy area of the forest. And then they discovered the opening of this cave.

Apparently, the wall of the cave gave in recently, and it created a huge sound that baffle the villagers sometimes ago. As they can hear the rumbling sound, but could not find out the source of the sound.

And now they have a new cave to explore, with a very nice cave drawing which is most likely drawn by the ancient habitant of the village. That will open a lot of new information and expedition to find out about the history of the village and the old habitant.

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