5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday Prompt: Funeral

Lady’s Slipper Flower by @redheadpei

Like a withered flower, so is life! Shinning brightly today in the morning and shrinking away the next evening. Those words of the preacher pierced the mind of Chike. Oh, God, why? He asked. So papa is finally gone!!! He was a shinning star, full of life and now he is no more. The preacher is right after all... life is like a flower indeed, a candle in the wind.

Candelabro by @argeh

Chike could not hold back his tears. A man that suffered for him for years to make him a better being is no more. Now that he wanted to repay his father back in his own little way, the man is no more. Chike wished that he could turn back the hands of time. He wondered if he could bring his father back to life. Even his dark shades could not hold back his tears from public glare.

It finally downed on him when the undertakers took the coffin, lowered it into the grave and started covering it with red mud. Ah, daddy is gone!!! Pleàse stop that. Can't you hear me? The undertakers ignored him and he was swiftly led away from the graveside by his wife.

Thanks to @redheadpei and @argeh for providing the lady's slipper flower and candelabro images respectively for use via the LIL @lmac gallery.

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This short story is a five-minute freewrite inspired by the prompt: FUNERAL. Join the @freewriters community to receive daily prompts, hosted by @mariannewest.

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