5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday Prompt: Wire Basket

Chest by @muelli
The day of the feast is fast approaching, the Sunday school anniversary for children. Grace decided to make this year's feast a memorable one for the daughter. On the eve of the feast Grace decided to shop for kiddies for the daughter.

First, she went to the clothing section of the "classic boutique"...a favourite of the daughter. There, she selected a gold coloured gown for the daughter. Thereafter she went to the shoe section, picked a nice flat shoe for the daughter and a hat to match.
When she was about to leave, she saw a nice wire basket, priced it and paid for it. When she got home she packed all her purchases inside the wire basket only to be unveiled in the morning of the occasion.

Thanks to @muelli for providing the chest picture for use via the LIL @lmac gallery.

This short story is a five-minute freewrite inspired by the prompt: wire basket. Join the @freewriters community to receive daily prompts, hosted by @mariannewest.

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