5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday Prompt - Powerful Symbol


Glory and her household moved into a new apartment few days ago. The death of her husband necessitated the move because she could no longer pay the huge rent in their former apartment, thus, it became necessary to take up a smaller apartment, the one she can afford the rent and also pay for other exigencies.

Glory instructed her older male children to cut the grasses within rt he premises and pave the lawns so as to make their new home look attractive. The boys were diligent with their work. They finished cutting the grasses with their cutlasses as they do not have a mower.

They then moved for paving the lawns. As they got to a particular point one if the sons dug up a particular object and beckoned rhee mum to come and have a look at it. When Glory got close she saw the effigy-like object. At first she was scared but the son urged her to pick it up and tell them what it is all about.

Glory recognised the symbol but was not in a hurry to tell the children. She used her left hand and picked it up to have a closer look. She heaved a sigh of relief after few seconds of observation. Boys, this is no common object, she said. It belongs to the deposed traditional ruler. It used to be a powerful symbol of his authority. He committed a crime and had to be deposed by his people and banished from his kingdom which includes this vicinity. His properties were scattered while others were burnt including his house. It was in that process that this powerful symbol may have been doing away to signify the end of his uneventful reign.

The children listened with raptured attention and at the end of the day they decided to bury the one powerful symbol of authority of the kingdom in the lawn.

This short story is a five-minute freewrite inspired by the prompt: "powerful symbol". Join the @freewriters community to receive daily prompts, hosted by @mariannewest

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