The first rule of education is to keep your voice low

Acquiring knowledge is an easy task but getting the right knowledge is not easy. When we learn education till Bachelor we think that we have learnt every rule of the world and honorable in every aspect of life. But the truth is not that what you learn means you are well mannered person.

Education is something that must change your life role and hearing compliments from people is what you have learnt from education. There are many officers who still don't how to talk with people and they dont know about politeness.

There are many educated people who oppress the poor constipation in every life field. I have noticed in my city in different government institutions, offices and other places they dont have justice and they dont even know how to talk with sorrowful people.

That is why acquiring of knowledge does not mean that you are a perfect person but only give you the sense of right or wrong which then depends on your education to chose which path. If you chose right path then it means you have acquired true knowledge and if you choose wrong path means you have just get your degree.


Mustansar Hussain Tarad is one of the best writers and he stated that the first rule of education is to keep your voice low and be respectful in your words. When I read this saying it really opened my eyes because this is what missing in many educated people.

Well Educated people never talk in harsh and loud but they have politeness and softness in their words. they talk in a way that the other person attracts with his or her manner. They talk in a way that others get motivated to learn the same way of his talk.

After reading the statement it refreshes my education times and I thought to follow the first rule and can prove about my education. I have seen many people who are very kind and polite in their talking and today I understand they have acquired correct knowledge.

Speaking respectful words is the sign of your education and also represents your family manners. If you have good family background and you are well educated then you will never talk in harsh and loud voice. But your way of talking will be very kind.

Will you people agree with Mustansar statement that the first rule of education is to keep your voice low? Do you think many problems have only one solution and that is kind and polite words? Will be glad to see your answers in the comments below.

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