Looking Forward To Disappointment


The interactions that goes on in the human space are amazing.

Take for instance the pattern used in finding a right partner or a good friend and so on.

Some may use the tactics of testing the partner or the friend.

The Test

You have decided within you to put up a front that may elicit certain reactions from the other person.

If the other person took the bait or did not take the bait, will you be dissapointed?

You know one test will not be enough if they passed the first.

If they failed the first, will they earn a second chance to win?

If they earn a second chance to win, will it not dilute the quality of the results you seek?

A Thoughtful Posture

Today, the world decides that any and every actions are a test organised to judge our reactions.

Disappoint me with your answers to one or some 😀👇

  • Would you react to things differently?
  • Would you prefer to disappoint the originator of the test?
  • Would you expect to be disappointed at every test you originate?
  • What would be of the world?
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