Day 1460:5 Minutes Freewrite: Cruel to be only Kind


I wrote words of Shakespeare play in cursive English writing . It is one of the many idioms derived from Shakespeare play. In this act Prince Hamlet speaks to his mother after killing Polonius. Hamlet said these words to stop her mother from betrayal of her husband.

It's common phrase but what does it mean ? It's literary device in which contradictory terms appear in conjunction. This means that someone might be little harsh on you for your welfare. For instance , when parents scold their kids for their welfare. At that time, parents can do little injustice with aim of preventing their kids from greater disaster. Similarly , sometimes it's necessary to punish kids for discipline or guide them towards straight path by scolding. However, I am against corporal punishment. It is absolutely fine to stop your beloved from bad things by little cruelty. I have seen loving and kind people become cruel on their beloved to guide them towards straight path.

I wrote this cursive writing with black pen in the beginning.

Then , I made it bold with blue ink pen.

I would like to know when was the last time you were cruel only to be kind in your life ?

I write often on literature , art and perfumes. If you have similar taste let me know in comment section .

Thank you for reading.

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