Becoming A Compass In Maneuvering The Waves of Life


Yesterday was indeed a day filled with much blessing coupled with reconciliation too.

A compass has saved me during my final interview where I was asked to differentiate a compass and a wrist watch. Then, told to choose whether I am a compass or a wrist watch.

What's the difference between a compass and a wrist watch?

A compass can indicate or give directions while a wrist watch can give time. Both can indicate something purposeful and they are definite.

Which one would you choose? Are you a compass or a wrist watch?


Can I be your compass? ...A compass is very useful for navigation since it guides the navigators to locate and gear towards specific directions and/or locations. Same with a school leader, I must be a compass to my teachers...I am their compass... someone who gears them towards the attainment of our institutional goals, vision, and mission. As a leader, I must be of service to my teachers and to the entire academic community because my presence in a school is not only to lead but above all is to serve the people I am manning. A compass is an instrument so I must become an instrument instrument to be used as we geared towards the attainment of our institutional directions and that is gearing to better serve our students, teachers, parents, families and the community as a whole. And that's the reason I considered myself as a compass.

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