A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


It's photo was taken by @wakeupkitty, freewrite writing about pictureprompt from @freewritehouse

I see a young and beautiful girl, she also wear jewelries and she looked in well dressing her hair long and shiny and a coronat on her haid she looked like a prince. Her eyes shine as blue and we can see a dark planet behind her and some buildings.

I feel she like to looked a beautiful so she decorated, she wear beautiful cloths and jewelry. She want to empress / attract to others her beauty on hers residents.

Story about her In a distant part of the galaxy, younger female slung her hair with glittering gem stones each reflecting captivating blue rays of light. Their large brownish eyes would twinkle like two sapphires that radiate the ethereal light. A band of shining stars topped her head standing for her cosmic connection. Benath that, a planet with a darkish shadow turned into growing, surrounded by way of very modern-day homes that pointed to an unknown planet that become prepared to be determined. She got up, metaphorical a beacon of mild in the enormous and dark sky, and organized herself for an interesting experiences.

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