A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This photo was taken by @wakeupkitty source by the #FreewriteHouse, freewriters
In the photo, a young lady stands in a subject, her hand outstretched towards the sky. Her fingertips seem to sweep in opposition to the crackling tendrils of lightning, illuminating the darkness with its electric glow. Her face is alight with surprise and interest, a reflection of her fearless spirit.

Captured in that moment isn't always just a woman reaching for lightning, but a symbol of resilience and courage inside the face of the unknown. It speaks of the human desire to touch the untouchable, to discover the limits of what's possible, and to embrace the power of nature's awe-inspiring beauty.

In a stormy world, By using the thunder feature a woman remains fearless The tips of his fingers, the gentleness of his feet .

On a flash of electricity, There is a spark of astonishment in his eyes, .

when he touches the thunderbolt of heaven. Energy Dance Symphony of Light, 1999.

He was guided by his hand through the dark night. With each stroke, the word is preached, of courage and mystery and adventure.

For he has the key in his hand, For the unremitting intense beauty of the storm.

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