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Welcome to the SCP Foundation Hive Community Introduction post!

SCP Foundation Hive community is a completely fictional community. All our SCP Foundation Hive staff are working for the safety of all Hive bloggers, you can feel safe because we are here. :)

As the SCP Foundation Hive community, our primary goal is to secure, contain and protect anomalies we call them SCPs that threaten humanity and violate the laws of nature.

The rules in the SCP Foundation Hive community are quite strict. If you are going to write an SCP the SCP you write must be completely original. It is strictly prohibited to copy-paste SCPs that were contained and introduced years ago. If your created SCP is related to previously introduced SCPs you can reference these SCPs in your post. [It is mandatory to add the source.]

Only new SCPs that you create are accepted in the SCP Foundation Hive community. Yes, anyone can create an SCP! Create SCPs and write stories about them by pushing the limits of your imagination.

Writing an SCP is more difficult than writing a classic horror story. But don't let this scare you, anyone can create an SCP! Before writing an SCP object, be sure to specify which class the SCP object belongs to!

SCP story contents consist of 5 main elements, please pay attention to these elements when writing an SCP post:

1 - SCPs are not ordinary objects. When writing SCPs, please clearly identify their unique features. Remember, SCPs are not just objects. SCPs can be created as objects, places, spirits, or unidentified creatures. Please do not forget to specify the type of SCP you created, for example: "SCP Type: Object".

2 - Name the SCP you created to identify it. SCPs are only created with 4-digit numbers and the community code "HV", for example: SCP-1799-HV.

3 - Specify which class the SCP object belongs to.

Currently supported SCP Classes:



3.1 - Keter [Dangerous]

Keter class SCPs are dangerous and very difficult to contain. Keter class SCPs are not suitable for the SCP foundation hive community as they don't have a containment procedure. But don't worry, you can also write SCPs that are in the Keter class. If you are unable to contain these SCPs, you should provide detailed information about the SCP object in your post to inform the SCP Containment Specialists on how to contain the SCP object.



3.2 - Euclid [Not completely safe]

Euclid class objects are safer than keter class objects. These SCP objects are easier to contain, but still, only class D staff are used to contain these SCPs. All other staff in the SCP Foundation Hive are prohibited from communicating with these SCPs.

New and different type SCP objects discovered by staff may result in the creation of new SCP classes. In this case, new classes will be added at the discretion of the O5 Council Members.

4 - You must contain and secure the SCP you have created. Uncontained SCPs are very dangerous to humanity. If you see an SCP and cannot contain it, you should report it to the #uncontrollable-scps channel on the Discord server. Uncontained SCPs are considered failed. Since SCPs are very dangerous, we contain them in high security departments, so you must clearly explain how you contain the SCP you create. If you do not know how to contain the SCP you have created, you can add your ideas to your post to contain the SCP.

5 - You must take a pathological sample from the SCP you created, examine it with the scientists at the SCP foundation, and note it down. This note should include the items the SCP is immune to, the components of the SCP, the radiation values of the object. These are sample data. All scientific pathological data results can be added to the note.

Community Rules

  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  • Only post original SCP related contents created by you.
  • For now, only posts in English are allowed. This rule will be updated soon.
  • NSFW content is prohibited.

More detailed SCP guides, staff, secret departments and more will be added soon!

If you want to support the community, you can delegate your Hive Power (HP) to support the SCP Foundation Hive.

Discord Server

We are looking for staff! Join our Discord server for more information about the SCP Foundation Hive community!

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