Fame, Fortune, Adoration, Talent - 3 Strokes & A Heart Attack - Careful What You Wish For...

I avoid showbiz gossip, celebrity news, who's dating who in Hollywood & those dreadful tabloid kiss and tell exposés like the plague.

I find it the most voyeuristic, salacious claptrap and despise everything it stands for.

I constantly hear the news outlets and PR people behind those stars caught in the most compromising situations trotting out the same old tired rhetoric when asked why they pimp their clients out to the highest bidder.

"If there wasn't a demand, we wouldn't have an audience for it."

I gotta tell you Dear Reader, I have never and will never demand that sort of cynical worst of human nature bling peddling content.

I never thought I would share my thoughts here on just such a story!

Tweet taken from her Twitter profile

I share some of my posts on Twitter and try and put out regularish soundbytes to pique curiosity in Hive to hep with the onboarding effort that takes place there. When I last logged in one of those stories popped up in the suggested newsfeed boxes besides my profile page.

No clue why my eye wandered over there as I say most of the lifestyle news that is meant to appeal just does not resonate with me. Maybe a guy coming up to 50 isn't exactly the prime demographic Twitter is chasing down... It's possible that is true, huh?

Anyway the story that grabbed me is one regarding Demi Lovato. If unlike me you do not have children, she may have absolutely flew under your radar entirely.

But as a Dad of 2 girls I can confidently tell you about her role in the Disney movie Camp Rock alongside the Jonas Brothers and every episode of Sonny with a chance. The global hit song Skyscraper that marked the serious emergence of her as a vocalist with some pretty immense talent and even her stint as a judge on X Factor.

Yeah my life has been bloody rivetting!!!

Anyway I digressed as I oft' do.

Like so many in the arena of fame, fortune and that nondescript phrase celebrity Demi seemed to the outside world to have it "all". Now many would claim the scenario I am about to touch on is a pretty modern phenomenon but those of us who have been around the block a few times will be able to mention many uber famous people through the decades who came to a very sticky ending.

Demi despite seeming to have the perfect life previously admitted she suffers form bipolar disorder, imagine suffering such a debilitating condition whilst seemingly ever camera in the world has you in shot, close up HD, nothing left to the imagination.

It has become apparent that she suffers from pretty intense addiction. How many ex child stars and clean cut Disney kids have we seen this exact scenario unfold with?

Many on the news websites will point out judgementally in the comment sections that she should be grateful, so many have not had her 'opportunities' her hedonistic ways were the root of her undoing. Cn we really be that cynical about her past? How do we know exactly what sort of past she really has? We can only trust the gutter press, showbiz hacks and paparazzi who framed every story how they wanted them to be perceived.

Imagine these 2 headlines:

Poor little rich girl who had the world at her feet squanders it all with hedonism, & debauchery at drug fuelled parties.

We've all seen those headlines, right? Now consider the second.

Troubled isolated former child star plagued with debilitating mental disorder falls in to cycle of despair after celeb friends lure her into drugs when she was a youngster struggling with the price of fame.

Yes I am absolutely exploiting two polar extremes here of course I am, that's the best way to make a point, right? Create a strong mental image of both aspects of the story.

I am not writing this to say we must feel sorry for her similarly I do not believe she should be crucified in a trial by media scenario either.

I am actually sharing my thoughts today as a parent. I have long since held the view that the overwhelming desire for fame exhibited by many of today's youth is sinister and incredibly dangerous. It leaves them open to some pretty Machiavellian influences if they choose to try and pursue it.

You see the addiction or the bipolar disorder or the constant scrutiny of the press hacks or the inability to deal with her fame choose any or all, caused her to suffer 3 strokes and a heart attack. Now this is not something that has just happened it is something she has chosen to reveal recently.

As all of these tragic events transpired there were likely thousands of salacious and seedy stories written about her and probably thousands and thousands of online trolls saying things that at the very least, were not helpful.

Many will still feel little sympathy, which is their choice, but as a Dad reading that story... My heart breaks.

I guess the thoughts I have shared here have 2 distinct morals .

Maybe it's not such a great idea for us to judge people about whom we have no real credible information.

Be careful what you wish for as you might just get it.

Fame can quickly become notoriety when mismanaged or under prepared. I think there any number of events that can befall us in life that can shake us off balance equally though.

Thank YOU for taking the time to read my post and if you're one of those amazing people who like to hit the comments section... Then I doubly thank YOU!

Either way I want you to know that you are appreciated!

Keep taking the time to connect with each-other both here and in the so-called real world and try and look after each-other, because as you already know...

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