The Real New World Order : Minorty Agenda

THE NEW WORLD ORDER MANIFESTO PT2 EP1 Minorty Propaganda Example:lgbt

PT1 “Please Tolerans” The lgbt people first cam with please tolerans us and we say thats ok your choice And thats only beginning to destroy World

PT2 :Homophobia,TransPhobia And Cancelling End of The tolerans part we are coming the part they gaining strong and getting hands on society The Words Meaning is Hating Homo People Or Trans people. They slowly starting using this words who hate them . Then they accustomed that word to society in such a way that they could do whatever they wanted with it, even if it was true whoever appeared in front of them. HOW they did this? They firstly said we are normal people and you should respect them and all people brainwashed by this And they create a profile named “ homophobia or transphobia” said all people who against them and people slowly scared of being cancelled and allow this Word. Society got so accustomed to this word that they would use that word and throw the person into the profile they created, even if it was a scientific truth.


Sorry for grammar ı know its bad but i u understand thats ok See you guys on ep2

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