Ghana's Fake Democracy and Bogus Constitution.

Ghana is blessed with so much resources that has the tendency of turning around the fortunes of the state to better the lives of the citizens. But due to greed, selfishness and heartlessness by successive leaders and political parties, the proceeds from the abundant resources is been mismanaged, embezzled and mishandled to the satisfaction of the elite few at the expense of the vulnerable masses. Corruption/stealing from one regime to the other has become a norm, and the youth continue to lavish in unemployment leaving many other citizens, uneducated and with poor health facilities. The little said about road network and sustainable economic solution the better. ![image.png](

Our educational and health system has collapse and the most annoying thing is how they tout themselves of improving the and making it competitive. Foe how long would teachers be paid well? For how long would we get that revolutionary leader to change our educational system for it to be competitive globally? For how long would we focus on preventive health system instead of curative? For how long would our mother deliver without family relatives not having fear of loosing her? Nkrumah's Ghana is in the hands of duopoly (NDC/NPP). What's the essence of democracy if it does not reflect the will of the people in governance apart from periodic elections? Ghana's democracy has been faked for far too long and is time to speak about it. They steal and loot our money in broad day light in the name of democracy yet the ordinary voter cannot afford to put a morsel on the table. What a fake and stinking democracy sustained by a bogus constitution.

All the above is possible due to the protection and shield by the 1992 constitution, it bestows so much power to the Executive and legislative arm of government to an extent, they determine what is right and wrong. This is so sad that many of the above-mentioned misconducts is yet to receive the desired attention it requires, never has any so call leader been punished for stealing from the state, commissions are always formed to shield their dubious acts.

How long will this continue? How long are the masses going to continue suffering in silence? There is a need for the theming vulnerable to speak to power. Yes!!! Having a new constitution in itself may not be an antidote to our plights but may be the first step to a major reforms.
I wish I could rant further but lemme end here!!!😢😢😢😢

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