The COVID Masks are a Step towards Harrison Bergeron

Actions happening today point towards a 2081 dystopia future.


As I watched the President's address, I was reminded once again of how it seems that the push for everyone to wear face masks to prevent COVID reminds me of some dystopian future story. The story is Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut.


If you are unfamiliar with the short story Harrison Bergeron, here is a short summary:
In the future, after almost another 100 hundred amendments have been added to the Constitution, everyone is "equal". Nobody stands out above average. If someone is above average, then they are given handicaps. To strong? Wear more weights. To nimble? Wear weights to make you stumble? Working ears? Wear ear pieces so that you hear sounds to distract your hearing. Those ear pieces also send loud random noises if you ever start thinking too much as well. If you were born too pretty, then you'll have to wear a mask. Harrison Bergeron was born too tall, too strong, too smart and too good looking. He rebelled against the government and their handicapping and they put more and more handicaps upon him. Finally, one day he broke free from jail and went to the government entertainment, which was a dance recital. The dancers were all handicapped and the musicians were required to play different tunes, so that nobody could enjoy the music. Harrison freed himself of his handicaps and freed one of he beautiful dancers. After a rant about the evils of making everyone equal, the two started to dance. Since they no longer had all the weight of their handicaps, they danced so high it was almost as if they were walking on air. Then, without warning, Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General, shoots them both dead with a shot gun. She is the government. She is ending the non-conformity.

Here is a pdf version of the story.

If you look at people with masks on, you know how it hides their face. There could be a room full of people, each with different expressions on their mouth, but with a mask, you wouldn't know. You wouldn't know who had good teeth or bad teeth. Who had a big nose or a little nose, pimples or clean face, blemishes or pure beauty hidden from everyone.

We have already had valedictorians cancelled from schools, because it makes low achievers feel bad. Giving equal pay, regardless of effort, is being pushed by the President and others. Even the Green New Deal is a way to handicap the USA, in favor of growing countries that are larger polluters. In today's world, people are pushing to make everyone equal, so that nobody stands out.

In the movie The Incredibles, the villain, Syndrome explains that his whole motive behind everything he does is to make everyday people as good as those will super powers. He spells it out in one of his monologues.

And when I'm old and I've had my fun, I'll sell my inventions so that everyone can be superheroes. *Everyone* can be super! And when everyone's super... 'no one' will be.

Instead of celebrating uniqueness or individuality, there is a group of people trying to make everyone just as plain as everyone else. The goal isn't to celebrate the individual, but to meld to the mob. If the collective is more important than the individual, then no individual can stand out in the collective. No sign of being better, smarter, prettier or just different.


Personally, I don't want to be in a world where some are punished for wanting to learn more and others are awarded for doing less. Some people are just born with better genes that allow them to run faster, jump higher or solve puzzles easier. Everyone of us is blessed with some sort of unique ability that we should be encouraged to find out. Which brings up school choice in America. The same people pushing for the collective are the same people who are against choice in school. They claim that private, homeschooling and charter schools are not regulated enough. But, the hidden meaning is that the children are not pushed down enough, not indoctrinated enough to be like public school children. If you go to a spelling or geography bee on the national stage, you'll find that the kids who are winning are the ones who are in home school, private or charter schools. They have escaped their handicaps and are bouncing lightly with freedom and the government pushers don't want that.

Here is a move adaptation of Harrison Bergeron.


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