25 kills on Eldritch the Rectifier / D2R / Drops

Hello friends!

I try to farm little boss Eldritch The Recrifier, on map 2 in act V, hell dificulty.
So how to find this little boss? Go on portal, and go on map 2. Frigid Highlands.
Navigate little top right, and there is one group of monsters with this BOSS. They receive some buffs from boss so have speed buff and damage buff, so careful, many ppl die on this spot.

I kill boss 25 times, and lets see stats what i get in that 25 runs:

Set items: 1
Legendary items : 2
Rare items: 37
Magic items: 31
Flawless gem : 1
Big charm: 0
Mid charm: 0
Small charm: 0
Base with sockeds: 3
Rune: io

Low level crossbow, with good pirsing and good attack speed. Also have bonus for dexterity, and is not bad for low levels.

Rare ring for 74 lvl, good fire resist, mana steel, some attack rating, and chance to cast spell when struck. Nice ring.

Interesing item. 130 attack rating plus base attack ratting, that is amazing buff for attack rating. Also have Bonus max damage per level, and 8 damage to min damage. Only "bad" thing on bow is DEX need, 143 its a lot. But if you have that DEX plus attack ratting from bow, i think hit chance go to 90% with this bow. Very amazing for low levels. I gift bow to someone.

Paladin shield with 4 sockeds, good for runewords, and defence is nice 157.
I dont know what runeword use paladins for shields, but shield looks good for me. My perfect monarh shield have lower defence from that shield.

Yes 146 defence. So not bad shield i can say.
From other rare items nothing good to show, so this is all for 25 runs on this little boss.

If you play Diablo 2 Resurrected, you can add me BokiCa#1894
So we can farm split and we have better chance to get some better runes and items.
Also chek my streams on twitch:

I stream Diablo2R, Splinterlands, League of legends, RisingStar, Dcity, and many other games.

Cya friends!

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