HIVErsary One

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A year has just passed.
2020-03-20, 14:00 UTC a hard fork happened.
The most important of all.
We’ve forked to create Hive.

I had the honor (and a bit of luck) to produce the first Hive block (41818753) after the fork.

Real, active, community driven, decentralized, secure, reliable, fast.
Why you should choose Hive is a no-brainer
(Although we have brains)
((Yes, zombies loves us))

Here's a new promo video for this occasion:

We are Hive.
Bee Impressed ;-)


“Song of the day Grey”, with a dedication to all those who contributed to the docking forking.

- "No Time for Caution", Interstellar - Hans Zimmer

- "It's not possible!"
- "No, it's necessary..."