Practicing Colors and Layers Again

The objective of this piece wasn't to go on full creation mode. I wanted to sketch to color as fast as possible just to gauge what I got going. You would notice some minor or gross mistakes on the output. Part of it is just me finishing as quickly as possible and the other part is not having the idea to fix it.

Purple Girl.jpg

The lips needs work, some better shading and highlighting plans, and maybe work hair style choices.

I'm seeing some subjective improvement on my workflow now that I can maneuver the layers but not so much as the coloring. I think I'll be going back to black and white just to improve my use of values and volume next time.

So far Paint Tool SAI does the job well. One thing I find lacking right now is the limited set of brushes to use when I want those fine painterly details but I'm in no rush to use them as I still got to work on the fundamentals.

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