Cute caterpillars


Today I will share some pictures of very cute caterpillars, this caterpillar I found when I passed a banana garden yesterday, its unique color made me immediately approach it to see more clearly

And according to google search results, here are the results I got for this type of caterpillar

Parasa lepida lepida, the nettle caterpillar or blue striped nettle maggot, is a moth of the family Limacodidae described by Pieter Cramer in 1799. It is a minor pest native to the Indo-Malayan region, including India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia, Malaysia . It is a pest introduced to urban trees in western Japan

The color is very attractive, I really touched the caterpillar's hair, but for fear of itching I canceled my intention

My amazement didn't stop there, I tried to take pictures of his face and tail, it turned out he had a very cute face, this is really amazing

Look at that innocent face, like a baby, haha, I really didn't expect the face shape to be cute like that, the tail is also very interesting, and at first glance it looks like there are circles that also look like eyes, and that makes me wonder what it looks like later if this caterpillar could turn into a butterfly, it would be amazing again

This caterpillar also didn't move at all, he just let it go when I took a picture, after I was satisfied to see its beauty I went back on my journey again

That's it for now, see you later

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